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Elite Pools; Albuquerque, NM
NM License #373262
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Questions About Elite Pools:
How long have you been in business?
Are you insured?
Do you finance?
Do you install automatic pool covers?
Questions About Pools:
What happens when I ask for an estimate?
Do I need a permit to build a pool?
How many different people will I be dealing with throughout the pool building process?
How much does a pool cost?
Do you only build pools?
Do I need to pay for everything upfront?
What type of pipes do you use for plumbing?
How long does it take to build a pool?
What is the difference between a fiberglass pool and a concrete pool?
How do you dig out a pool?
How much rebar is needed?
What size pump will my pool need?
What type of pool filter is better, D.E. or sand?
Will my pool need a heater?
As a company, Elite Pools has been in business since 2011. I personally have
been building pools since about the age of 9, when I first helped my dad install
While I specialize in new pools, I also remodel pools, install fountains, do
concrete work, and landscaping.
Yes. I am insured and bonded, as well as licensed here in New Mexco.
At this time, we do not offer In-House financing.  However, I can refer you to a
loan specialist, if you'd like.
Yes. .
After we set up an appointment that is convenient for you, I'll come to your home.  
We'll discuss what you want, and  your budget, and I'll take some backyard
measurements.  I'll then take all that information with me, and draw out a proposal
consisting of a pool plan and a list of the work to be done, complete with a price. I'll
bring this proposal back to you the following day, for your consideration.  This
proposal is not set in stone, if there is anything you'd like to change, just let me
The final price depends on the pool.  The average starting price for your basic 15' x
0' pool is $30,000
Most pools average 45 business days.   
No reputable vendor should demand full payment upfront.  For new pools I ask for
30% upon signing the contract, 30% after the pool is dug, 30% before I pour the
deck, and the final 10% on completion.  For remodels, it is 50% to start, and 50%
upon completion.
From beginning to end, you'll be working with me, the owner.  I will give you your
estimate, I will help you with your design, I'll collect your draws, I will be with my
crew, getting dirty, working on  your pool, and I will be the one giving you a class
on how to use your new pool.  I do contract out the digging and plastering of the
pool to local companies who specialize in those jobs, but rest assured I will be on
site to ensure all work is to your liking.
A fiberglass pool is a pre-formed pool that is lowered into a hole dug in your
backyard.  They are cheaper and install faster, however sand the pool is laid upon
is prone to shifting, often resulting in the need to re-install.  A concrete pool is a
shell, reinforced with rebar formed with cement directly into the ground.  A
properly built pool should last for years.
Yes.  All pools need plumbing and electrical permits and the related inspections.  I
personally take care of securing the permit and scheduling all inspections.
Most pools are dug out using a bobcat, with shovels for the areas too small for the
bobcat.  In some instances, a layer of hard rock will necessitate the use of
jackhammers.  And very rarely, depending on the accessibility of your back yard, a
pool can be dug out entirely with shovels.
It depends on the size of the pool; your average pool will need 220-240 rebar.
If your pool includes a spa, it will come with a heater.  Otherwise, adding a heater
to your pool is your decision.
The size of the pump needed is dependant upon your pool size, but it will be no
smaller than 2 horsepower.
A D.E., it purifies the water more than a sand filter.
Do you offer cleaning and maintenance services?
Yes, I do.